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Redsonnet Red Nora

Nora's Grandfather Bushbotique Rotfuchs
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Redsonnet Red Nora (Nora) was bred by Ian Moreland. Her registered number is 3100200640. She was born on 22 January 2008.

Nora is a beautiful fine and small dark red female toy poodle with a very naughty personality!

Her father is Toydior Red Champ. Her mother is Frech Chariot O Fire. The photo above is of Nora's grandfather Bushbotique Rotfuchs and was kindly supplied by Frech Toy Poodles.

Both Nora's parents have DNA tested Clear for PRA so this means Nora is Clear by parents, so no puppy she produces can be affected by hereditary blindness.

Nora is a stunning girl and we are thrilled to have her here. Many thanks to Ian and Carolyne Moreland of Redsonnet.

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Nora's photo album contains her pedigree papers and her DNA certificate.