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Toy Poodles as at 8 March, 2019
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. Please contact me by email if you would like to see photos pedigrees or DNA Clearances.
All proven toy stud males are available for service to approved bitches, a current vaccination is essential.

Male Toy Poodles

Toydior Tickle Me Elmo (Red) Tested Pattern A Clear See new photo album

Mistykent Whitecloud (White) (DNA profiled Clear by parents)

SunshineStar Cara's Cosmo (Brown) (Pattern A Clear by parents)

Adeltoy Silver Bentley (Silver) (Tested Pattern A Clear)

Redtiara Red Rain (Red) (Tested Pattern A Clear)

Female Toy Poodles

SunshineStar Hannahs Zhara (Red) (Pattern A Clear by Parents)

Monteselfium Joyful Rhapsody (Apricot) (Pattern A Clear by Parents)

Solykke Freyas Magic (White)Tested Pattern A Clear)

Monteselfium Hannahs Rhapsody (Apricot) (Pattern A Clear by Parents)

Ilonkas Anuschka Magic (White) (Pattern A Clear)

Redsonnet Brown Clara Rose (Brown) (Pattern A Clear by parents)

SunshineStar Tasha's Glory (Red( (Pattern A Clear by parents)

Redsonnet Silver Shooto (Silver) (Pattern A Clear by parents)

SunshineStar Tasha's Tinkerbella (Apricot) Pattern A Clear by parents)

Elargee Rambling Rose (Red) (Tested as Pattern A Clear)

SunshineStar Abbys April (Silver) (Pattern A Clear by Parents)

Bellaroux Chelsea Brown ( Brown)( Pattern A Clear by parentage)

Redsonnet Red Nora (Red) (Pattern A Clear by parents) Puppies

SunshineStar Abbys Bella (Silver) (Pattern A Clear by parents)

Redsonnet Silver Abigail ( Silver) (Tested Pattern A Clear)

SunshineStar Rosie's Rachelle (Red) (Pattern A Clear by parents)

Poodleonyx Sweet Gem (Cream) (Pattern A Clear by parents)

Outaparis and In Love (Cream)

SunshineStar Abbys Princess (White) (Pattern A Clear by parents)

SunshineStar Tashas Dream (Red) (Pattern A Clear by Parents)

SunshineStar Claras Camille (Brown) (Pattern A Clear by Parents)

Poodle portraits at top of this page taken by Master Photographer, Robyn Hills
For Robyn's contact details please see our Photography page

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