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Red Toy Poodles born on 30 December 2006

Bella and Red have had babies!

Father Redsonnet Bred for Red
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You can see a photo album of all the puppies in this litter by clicking here .
The photos were taken on 2 February 2007 when the puppies were aged four weeks and five days

These puppies were born on Saturday 30 December. There are three red females and a small red male. The photo was taken on Saturday 30 December. They will be ready to go to their new homes when they turn eight weeks old on 24 February. The darkest puppy in this litter is not for sale.

You can see an updated photo album of all these puppies. The photos were taken on 2 February, 2006. Click here to view the album.

We have had other litters of red, apricot, black and brown toy puppies.

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