Tango and Red's Puppies

Photos taken on 2 February 2007

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All the puppies shown below are for sale

Puppies for Sale
Tango & Red's Litter Details    

Female Puppies020207 001.jpg

Female Puppies020207 002.jpg

Female Puppies020207 003.jpg

Female Puppies020207 005.jpg

Female Puppies020207 007.jpg

Females 1,2,3,5,7
Males 9,10,11,13,14
Darkest Male 16,17
Lighter Male 18

Male Puppies020207

Male Puppies020207 010.jpg

Male Puppies020207 011.jpg

Male Puppies020207 013.jpg

Male Puppies020207 014.jpg

Darkest Male Puppy 020207 016.jpg

Darkest Male Puppy 020207 017.jpg

Lighter Male Puppy 020207 018.jpg