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Brown Toy Poodle Pups Born on Saturday 27June 2009

From Cheekie and Knightsworld Denzel

Father of puppies Knightsworld Denzel
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Denzel and Cheekie have had five puppies, three brown males, a black male and a very tiny brown female!

Cheekie brown female at 10 weeks 690 grams

These gorgeous brown and black toy poodle puppies were born on Saturday 27 June 2009. The sire, Knightsworld Denzel is from two parents who have been DNA tested Clear for prcd-PRA so Denzel is Clear also.

This means that none of Denzel's puppies can be affected by the most common form of hereditary blindness.

There are three brown males, one is very small, one black male and a very small brown female.

These pups are being sold as PETS only. They will be vet checked and vaccinated at six weeks and available to leave home after 22 August when they will be eight weeks old.

The brown girl the black boy and two brown boys have been sold. There is only one brown male left in this litter as at 29 September..

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Cheekie Black Male on 2 September 2009


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